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YUKI welcomes you to experience true “flavors” of Japan!
We bring you authentic Japanese home dishes, slowly prepared and politely served by one dedicated team.


We serve healthy food just as we would do so for our own family. We pay close attentions to the quality of our ingredients. We home-make our dashi broth and most of our sauces with natural ingredients.


Best home dishes use two essential ingredients – taste and healthiness. We cook as we usually do at our home for family and friends, paying respect to Japanese traditions that are based on a balanced way of eating.


We like to keep our menu rather small. We believe it is the only way we can put all our hearts into every dish we serve. We hope you enjoy our carefully selected menu for today!


We recreate a traditional Japanese atmosphere, with plenty of wooden architectural elements. The interior gives the restaurant a home touch through objects and decorations we use to find in a Japanese home.


We built YUKI in January 2015 as a small home where people who are
curious about Japanese food and culture hang out and mingle at ease.
Here, we welcome our guests with Japanese-style hospitality and
recipes Japanese mothers traditionally use at home.


Ichiro, who was an advertising man then a consultant in his previous career in Tokyo, moved to Bucharest in autumn of 2012. After wondering through the strange land for one year he decided to open a small restaurant that would introduce authentic Japanese food that the city deserved (and that he missed).
Makoto, whose dream was to become a novelist, worked as a cook in Tokyo for the most part of his career (he was also a kickboxing instructor for some time).
Ichiro and Makoto had met in a university in USA and kept in touch. After two decades, they decided to work together away from homeland again. After Makoto left for his family to Japan in January 2017, Makoto’s first disciple took the position of Head Chef. Another Japanese cook who joined the team in 2016 now acts as Executive Adviser.

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